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The only EdxWinry Club
:blowkiss: Ed x Winry Club :blowkiss:

:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:

    You have just reached first and the best EdxWinry club on Deviantart. A club is a place on DA, where people who likes and support one common thing can discuss about it, meet other fans and show their works which relates to the theme of the club.
    This club supports the feeling between two main characters in Hiromu Arakawa's manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" - Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. You can join the club whether you think they are a couple or just a friends.

:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:

  :damphyr: You must be an EdxWinry fan. (read informations)
  :damphyr: Send a note to a club, stating that you want to join this club. In title put a phrase "Join".
  :damphyr: Put our icon into your journal. To do it, enter a code ": icon edxwinry :" into your journal (Note: without spaces and ")
  :damphyr: You can devwatch us, to stay in touch.

    Please, do not leave comments!

  :damphyr: There must be Ed and Winry on the picture or in the fabula, no exceptions. The pose or situation doesn't matter.
  :damphyr: Send to me a note with a link to your art.

If you have any questions, please send a note

:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:

:star: :star: NEWS: :star: :star:

    :pencil: 1st of February 2007
  Hello !
  Because I already promised you a contest, I am holding it up now ^_^ Please read down, under the NEWS section to see details.
  And one more thing: the club is searching for a subscription. If someone would be so kind to support the club, it would be very nice. I know, that the club has been subscribed while I was absent and I am sorry, that I couldn't use it.
     See ya :boogie: And don't forget to send us your works! :D

:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:
  A club is holding it's first contest. Finally :D Because there wasn't any posts with your porpositions for the theme, I decided on it alone. And the theme is very simple.

Theme: Rose. A flower, not a character.
Deadline: 27th of February. Until this time, you can send me links to your works.

CONTEST RULES Read carefully!
  :damphyr: Contest is holded only for members of this club. If you're not a member, and you'd like to enter the contest, you must frst join the club. (see "joining" section above)
  :damphyr: There has to be Ed and Winry on the picture (or something, that gives you an impression about them)  and of course the theme for this contest: rose.
  :damphyr: Please upload the works on your own gallery account and send a link with a work to the club. At the deadline day, the entries to the contest will be published on a main page to vote.
  :damphyr: Please try to draw something new for the contest, and do not submit pics you've created before.
  :damphyr: Don't steal other artist's artwork!
  :damphyr: You can use every technique you want. The theme is up to you to interprate.
      Good luck! :heart:

:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

Updates: 2 members added, 0 entries added, Rose theme announced.

:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:


:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:

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If you want to affiliate with us, send a note.

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